Civil War 2007!

April 7, 2006 § Leave a comment

One has to wonder how an administration could be so unbelievably stupid as to propose the ridiculous ideas this president and his lunatic posse have been spewing these past few months. Arabs running our biggest sea ports; Communist China inspecting cargo ships bound for the USA from the Philippines; Illegal Mexicans and South Americans given social security cards, driver’s licenses, and a free pass to come to America. Look at the outrage spreading across the land over these and other over the top bullshit incidents, like that nigger Cynthia McKinney and her accusations of racial profiling as an excuse for her primal violent behavior. The whole country is simply getting tired of having these filthy minorities rubbing our faces in their arrogant displays of inappropriate behavior for no other reason than to show us how stupid we have been. We created these monsters. No, I take that back. The bleeding heart phony not-in-my-backyard liberals created this mess. Who ever thought “political correctness” was important to protect the weak, underprivileged unfortunate beaten down minorities in our country should be strung up live on CNN for the world to see we’ve had enough of this crap. Screw the niggers, Mexicans, Columbians, Cubans, and any other brown skinned money sucking dregs of society littering our once great nation. The time has come to get this house cleaning under way. Maybe we just need to get pissed off enough to take up arms and revolt against the utter stupidity being jammed up our collective asses by these self serving overpaid politicians. They have control over the voting process (obviously- why else would they not fear being voted out of office for their refusal to listen to their constituents?) So what other choice do the people have but to revolt? It is coming, no doubt within the next year or two; maybe sooner. Civil War baby! Start chucking these losers over the fence to where they came. Kick these nigger-loving politicians’ asses. Lock them all up together so they can ALL get to know each other! I’m telling you right here, it’s just a matter of time before the entire country blows up into civil war over all of the injustices being crammed up the American People’s asses by these wastes of human flesh. You heard it here first, butterpants!

Scroll to the middle of the article and watch the video of Soledad showing this nigger her bullshit just doesn’t cut it anymore…

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