The new colonization of America**

April 4, 2006 § Leave a comment

What could possibly be worse than having animals walk among us with equal human rights, equal opportunities and most times even more opportunities than us with affirmative action hiring practices? To be labeled as intolerant and racist for resisting the acceptance of these animals as our equals. What could be worse than a public assistance program overrun with these animals with their paws out demanding more for nothing? What could be worse than realizing the mistake that led to this disastrous societal mess we find ourselves in today and do nothing to correct it? How about we find another drag on society and demand they be invited into our country illegally and given virtually the same deal as was given the niggers? The argument can be that “…they are willing to do the work Americans refuse to do.” Big companies can justify it by the reduced labor costs because as we all know, these illegal aliens will work for dirt cheap. That HAS to be good for the economy. We should keep in mind the only thing politicians are seeing are more votes from this huge group of “minorities”! They realize our apathy and disgust will keep us from “bothering” to go vote while these “motivated” illegals will climb over each other to get to the polls to cement their acceptance. It’s like a plague spreading throughout the country, these fuckers waving THEIR flags demonstrating for their RIGHTS in OUR country. Some of us racist intolerant folks can see it plain as day, but who the hell are we? Ignorant whiteys with no respect for “diversity” or equal human rights; scumbags who refuse to understand the struggles of the less fortunate. Just plain misinformed. That’s how we are viewed. I find it so infuriating and insulting that I am called ignorant for exercising MY rights to disagree with the policies being vomited from our government concerning this globalization bullshit. Am I the only one to see the parallels between allowing the cheap labor Mexican dirtbags into our country illegally to tend gardens and perform other jobs “Americans refuse to do” and shipping boat loads of niggers from Africa to pick our cotton and clean our Plantation Estates? What the hell is the difference? Yes the globalization theory is a possibility, but I find it more of a distraction of the real reason for all of this uproar. Money in the pockets of the big shots is THE ONLY reason anyone wants these pieces of shit to be allowed into our country illegally. Fifty years from now they’ll be hand in hand with the apes demanding free rides, soaking our government for more public assistance and reproducing at a most alarming rate. I would honestly say these Mexicans are actually WORSE than the apes. At least the apes have the excuse that they are apes and their behavior is in their nature and cannot be helped. Mexicans are just lazy fucks using the niggers as examples for what they aspire to be. Sure they’ll work for cheap, trimming hedges and digging carrots, but what happens when they become eligible for public assistance? What happens when it becomes more profitable for them to sit home having more children than to wash our cars? Look to the niggers for that answer. Jails overrun with them, and welfare offices clogged with them looking for mo money, mo money, mo money. Nice work America! History is repeating itself right before our eyes.

**I consider this invasion of Mexicans to be colonization rather than immigration. They are not willing to come here and learn to be Americans; they want us to tolerate them being Mexicans. They want to wave their flags from Mexico (because they are a proud people) and make no attempt to become Americans. It’s like when our ancestors came and stole the land from the Natives. They didn’t come and learn to live like them, but brought their European roots and took over. That’s why they were called Colonists. That’s what is happening today with the Mexicans. Even the niggers weren’t so irrational! They didn’t DEMAND to be brought here!

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