Planet of the Apes

March 30, 2006 § 1 Comment

I was out today wandering through the jungle looking for some lunch that wouldn’t abruptly stop my heart. Burger King and McDonalds were ruled out. I had thought of KFC because I happen to just love the shit, even though I am white, but I refrained. Of
course in my hunt I crossed the paths of various forms of apes, both male and female. Coming up from behind a young “woman” at the Bed, Bath & Beyond store I mentally noted the possession of a pretty decent ass. As I got closer, the shape and geographical location of the ass in relation to the upper torso was indicative of the possibility of a tail or remnants thereof. I was correct; this was in fact a young female chimp of approximately 20 years of age. A rather attractive mug it seemed, and with a figure comparable to a fine looking young human woman, I became alarmed at my thoughts. I quickly collected myself and checked out of the store. I settled on lunch at Arby’s and found myself waiting in line behind yet another young gorilla complete with a cell phone and plenty of bling bling. As I waited I asked myself, “How could this be? An obviously wild animal preparing to order food from a shop that served sandwiches NOT completely soaked in hot grease, able to function as a human and put enough words together to order his lunch.” Well as it turns out, all he wanted was the one thing they did offer oil-soaked; French fries. No sandwich or tiger meat; just French fries. I continued to marvel at how this ape managed to dig into his pants pocket and retrieve enough coins to pay for his order. Wait, I thought; this is an ape. How on earth did our human race allow these jungle dwelling tree swinging monkeys to become such a commonplace occurrence in our day to day existence in society? We don’t find ourselves waiting to order at a restaurant behind say, a red fox or a white tail deer. We knew enough at some point not to bring them into our homes yet we welcomed with open arms these violent irresponsible chimps, simply because they were able to perform human-like tricks and pick cotton when attached to chains. I beat myself up watching this nigger buying his French fries, thinking how could an ape be so human like? How could that creature {“yo yo man, gimme some fries man”} be considered human and be treated as such? It’s really hard for someone like me to accept, but as I interact with nigger friends at work, I say in my mind, “this CAN’T be an ape, this CAN’T be an ape” but unfortunately, the sad fact is, they are apes. No matter how much I actually like these guys and can interact fine with them, they’re still apes and should be considered as dangerous as any other wild animal walking among us. Their history has proven they cannot be trusted. So on along I go, wondering how did all this get so out of hand? Why is it I constantly have to question what I know is fact every time I see a nigger performing human tricks of everyday human life? Why? Will society ever wake up and see what needs to be done? I fear not. I see it is more likely society will so mix the species we won’t be able to ask the questions I ask myself every time I see a nigger out in public because we won’t be able to discern the differences between us and apes. Society is creating the “missing link”, and this movie will end just like the original Planet of the Apes, with me waking up screaming my head off sweating profusely “NO!! NOOOOOOOO!!!”

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