Don’t blame the niggers

March 22, 2006 § 4 Comments

I was trying to figure out a way to ask God to forgive me for being so intolerant of niggers and it occurred to me, it’s not the niggers fault at all. It’s the not-in-my-backyard Jews and their stupid bleeding heart liberal friends who are to blame. They’re the ones who feed the niggers their excuses and atonement for their criminal behavior. They’re the ones who make it policy to consider any dispute of their made up excuses as racism. Liken it to the guy who brings a tiger from Africa to his home in New Jersey and expects it to act like a big cat instead of the wild, man eating beast that it is. Is it the Tiger’s fault the man’s entire family is mauled and eaten, or the asshole that dragged it from its natural habitat to a domesticated household? So maybe it’s not really the nigger’s fault they are such a mismatched fit into our society here in civilization. Their natural habitat is actually ideal for their violent nature. They have no business here in a civilized society. They should still be swinging from trees, hunting for food and having random sexual intercourse in Africa, not in our American cities. The trees are like city buses, the hunting is street crime and the sex…well the sex is the rape and reckless spawning. Blame it on the slave traders who thought it was a good idea to drag apes over here to work their fields. Blame it on the Jews who think they have human rights and should be allowed to stay here. Blame it on anyone who gives the niggers their handouts. But we just can’t blame the niggers for their nature. They are what they have always been. Wild animals.

§ 4 Responses to Don’t blame the niggers

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