Some white wash PLEASE.

March 21, 2006 § 3 Comments

Why is it I have to look at filthy people who refuse to bathe or change their clothes without being able to say anything about it? I go to work day in and day out to see incredibly fat women, and I MEAN incredibly fat women coming to work wearing the same clothes they’ve had on all week with their hair all greasy and a mess. As I stare in amazement I wonder, “Why the fuck do I have to sit quietly and tolerate this?” Why indeed. It’s not like I work in a minimum wage factory where fat women have to eat cat food to maintain their luscious physiques, these are sixty to seventy thousand a year house wives with husbands dragging home even more! I suppose the real question here is who are these pathetic husbands who are willing to endure the embarrassment of having their wives present themselves in such a disgusting manner? But that’s not my point here. I am asking why I can’t just go up to them and say, “Look you filthy disgusting slob, you stink like a pier, you look like you got hit by a truck on your way in and I’m fucken tired of having to adjust my appetite every damn day because you have no idea how absolutely revolting you are to be around. Other women, women who wash are appalled to end up in the ladies room after you have left for fear the next arrival will think that horrible putrid stench came from their poonies!” It lingers for sometimes hours depending on if it’s Monday or Friday! And we’re talking undergarments here too. One of these broads actually wore a leopard print blouse under a stinky filthy hooded sweat shirt for a week and a half. She even came to work after two days off as if she just spent them in the parking lot and rolled back in wearing the same dingier leopard print blouse under a different stinky filthy sweat shirt! These broads are so fat they can barely walk. Their clothes are so tight they look to be ready to burst at any moment. How can they possibly get a quality ass wipe with the short arms and half a mile of ass to reach around? I figure they would need some sort of rail wrapped with toilet paper to straddle and gyrate on to get things shined up down there after a dump. But then, these are not women who seem all that concerned with any type of quality cleaning of any part of their repulsive bodies. You won’t hear anything like this all too often from me, but these broads make the niggers here look sparkling clean! At least with a nigger you expect them to be a little foul once in a while. This filth is just plain unacceptable and I should be able to say something out loud about it without being threatened with discipline. Why should I at this point be concerned with their feelings? I would welcome anyone to comment on my behavior if it happened to be making everyone around me sick and disgusted! But how can you NOT know you stink like a dead animal especially since no one knows better than YOU the last time you washed anything? How can a half-wiped shit covered ass NOT invoke uncontrolled gag reflexes in the lunch room? Don’t you wish you worked where I work?!

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