2007 Chevy Tahoe: Niggers?

March 15, 2006 § 4 Comments

Ok, come on General Motors, what is the message in your advertising? I see a TV ad for the “New redesigned Chevrolet Tahoe SUV” and it’s crawling with niggers. Niggers driving it; niggers running to it; niggers opening the remote power lift-gate. Should it touch our hearts that General Motors is showing such diversity in its advertising? Are we to dismiss the absurdity of the notion that niggers would own such a vehicle other than on a delinquent lease with oversized identity-stolen-credit-card-purchased wheels? I know in my case I feel justified my public assistance tax dollars are being used to lease American vehicles…at least. I was already elated I was helping pay for their cigarettes and malt liquor, but now….I just couldn’t be happier. If only the advertising executives could come up with even more disturbing unrealistic bullshit; perhaps nigger geophysicists saving the world from natural disasters. I can’t stand it!

§ 4 Responses to 2007 Chevy Tahoe: Niggers?

  • ButterSnatch says:

    What I find amusing, is that GM (not to mention other car manufacturers) are offering their SUV’s with optional 20″-22″ chrome alloy wheels! Why the fuck would you offer an off-road vehicle with optional 20″ chrome wheels???

    Fucking niggers. I think Cadillac is going one better and making 20″ chrome wheels STANDARD on the Escalade. Can you say Niggermobile??? I knew ya could.


    I am so fucking sick and tired of not just every company pandering to niggers, but the niggers actually own these cars!! They have no fucking jobs, live in section 8 housing, use food stamps and every other fucking government program there is and drive these cars!! I work 60 fucking hours a week and can not afford an SUV. Only in fucking america.

  • rachael says:

    i love those old stoves!

  • Scumbone says:

    Welfare check in the mailbox, Escalade in the driveway. Those goddamned apes spend more money on rims and grills than on healthcare for their ill-spawned niglets. Our tax dollars at work.

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