Planet of the Apes

March 30, 2006 § 1 Comment

I was out today wandering through the jungle looking for some lunch that wouldn’t abruptly stop my heart. Burger King and McDonalds were ruled out. I had thought of KFC because I happen to just love the shit, even though I am white, but I refrained. Of
course in my hunt I crossed the paths of various forms of apes, both male and female. Coming up from behind a young “woman” at the Bed, Bath & Beyond store I mentally noted the possession of a pretty decent ass. As I got closer, the shape and geographical location of the ass in relation to the upper torso was indicative of the possibility of a tail or remnants thereof. I was correct; this was in fact a young female chimp of approximately 20 years of age. A rather attractive mug it seemed, and with a figure comparable to a fine looking young human woman, I became alarmed at my thoughts. I quickly collected myself and checked out of the store. I settled on lunch at Arby’s and found myself waiting in line behind yet another young gorilla complete with a cell phone and plenty of bling bling. As I waited I asked myself, “How could this be? An obviously wild animal preparing to order food from a shop that served sandwiches NOT completely soaked in hot grease, able to function as a human and put enough words together to order his lunch.” Well as it turns out, all he wanted was the one thing they did offer oil-soaked; French fries. No sandwich or tiger meat; just French fries. I continued to marvel at how this ape managed to dig into his pants pocket and retrieve enough coins to pay for his order. Wait, I thought; this is an ape. How on earth did our human race allow these jungle dwelling tree swinging monkeys to become such a commonplace occurrence in our day to day existence in society? We don’t find ourselves waiting to order at a restaurant behind say, a red fox or a white tail deer. We knew enough at some point not to bring them into our homes yet we welcomed with open arms these violent irresponsible chimps, simply because they were able to perform human-like tricks and pick cotton when attached to chains. I beat myself up watching this nigger buying his French fries, thinking how could an ape be so human like? How could that creature {“yo yo man, gimme some fries man”} be considered human and be treated as such? It’s really hard for someone like me to accept, but as I interact with nigger friends at work, I say in my mind, “this CAN’T be an ape, this CAN’T be an ape” but unfortunately, the sad fact is, they are apes. No matter how much I actually like these guys and can interact fine with them, they’re still apes and should be considered as dangerous as any other wild animal walking among us. Their history has proven they cannot be trusted. So on along I go, wondering how did all this get so out of hand? Why is it I constantly have to question what I know is fact every time I see a nigger performing human tricks of everyday human life? Why? Will society ever wake up and see what needs to be done? I fear not. I see it is more likely society will so mix the species we won’t be able to ask the questions I ask myself every time I see a nigger out in public because we won’t be able to discern the differences between us and apes. Society is creating the “missing link”, and this movie will end just like the original Planet of the Apes, with me waking up screaming my head off sweating profusely “NO!! NOOOOOOOO!!!”

Don’t blame the niggers

March 22, 2006 § 4 Comments

I was trying to figure out a way to ask God to forgive me for being so intolerant of niggers and it occurred to me, it’s not the niggers fault at all. It’s the not-in-my-backyard Jews and their stupid bleeding heart liberal friends who are to blame. They’re the ones who feed the niggers their excuses and atonement for their criminal behavior. They’re the ones who make it policy to consider any dispute of their made up excuses as racism. Liken it to the guy who brings a tiger from Africa to his home in New Jersey and expects it to act like a big cat instead of the wild, man eating beast that it is. Is it the Tiger’s fault the man’s entire family is mauled and eaten, or the asshole that dragged it from its natural habitat to a domesticated household? So maybe it’s not really the nigger’s fault they are such a mismatched fit into our society here in civilization. Their natural habitat is actually ideal for their violent nature. They have no business here in a civilized society. They should still be swinging from trees, hunting for food and having random sexual intercourse in Africa, not in our American cities. The trees are like city buses, the hunting is street crime and the sex…well the sex is the rape and reckless spawning. Blame it on the slave traders who thought it was a good idea to drag apes over here to work their fields. Blame it on the Jews who think they have human rights and should be allowed to stay here. Blame it on anyone who gives the niggers their handouts. But we just can’t blame the niggers for their nature. They are what they have always been. Wild animals.

Some of the best nigger jokes

March 21, 2006 § 19 Comments


What did the Alabama sherriff call the nigger who had been shot 15 times?
Worst case of suicide he had ever seen.

What do you call a bunch of old niggers in a barn?
Antique farm equipment!

What do you get when you cross a nigger and a gorilla?
A dumb gorilla!

What do you call a nigger having sex?

How do you get a nigger out of a tree?
Cut the rope!

What was missing from the Million Man March?
About a thousand miles of chain and an auctioneer!

What does a nigger give his kid for his birthday?
YOUR bike!

How do we know Adam wasn’t black?
Ever try taking a rib from a black guy?

What’s long, dark and stinks?
The unemployment line!

Why can’t Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder read?
They’re niggers!

What’s 8 miles long and has a combined IQ of 56?
The Martin Luther King Day parade!

What’s long and hard on a nigger?
Third grade.

What would you call the flintstones if they were black?

What’s the difference between a nigger and a bucket of shit?
The bucket

How do you starve a nigger?
Hide his foodstamps under his work boots.

Why are trees so close in Harlem?
Public transportation.

What do you call a nigger with a Harvard education?
A nigger!

How do you keep a nigger from going out?
Pour more gas on him!

How can you tell a nigger’s just had sex?
His eyes are all red from the mace.

What’s black and brown and looks good on a nigger?
A rotwheiler!

What do you call a white guy surrounded by 3 niggers? In trouble.
What do you call a white guy surrounded by 5 niggers? Coach.
What do you call a white guy surrounded by 1000 niggers? Warden

Why do blacks have flat noses?
That’s where god put his feet when he was pulling off their tails

How do you stop a nigger from drowning?
Take your foot off the back of his head.

Why do niggers stink?
So blind people can hate them too.

What is a nigger?
Proof that skunks fuck monkeys.

What do you call an Ethiopian with a pickle on his head?
A quarter-pounder.

When does a Black man turn into a nigger?
As soon as he leaves the room.

Why do niggers walk the way they do?
Because they spent the first nine months of their lives dodging a coat hanger.

How is a nigger like a broken gun?
It doesn’t work and you can’t fire it.

Why do police dogs lick their asses?
To get the taste of nigger out of their mouths!

Why are so many niggers moving to Detroit?
They heard there were no jobs there.

Why do niggers carry shit in their wallet?

What are 3 things you can’t give a nigger?
A black eye, a fat lip, and a job

Why do Black People lean to the middle when they drive?
They think the smells comin’ from the outside

What goes Fee Fi Foe Fee Fi Foe Fee?
Mike Tyson giving out his phone number

What do black people give their daughter when she turns 13?
A baby shower

Why do niggers wear high heel shoes?
So their knuckles won’t drag on the ground

Did you hear about the nigger with insomnia?
He kept waking up twice a week.

Hear about the new perfume for black women?
It’s called “Eau de doo dah day.”

Why was the wheelbarrow invented?
To teach Niggers to walk on their hind legs.

Some white wash PLEASE.

March 21, 2006 § 3 Comments

Why is it I have to look at filthy people who refuse to bathe or change their clothes without being able to say anything about it? I go to work day in and day out to see incredibly fat women, and I MEAN incredibly fat women coming to work wearing the same clothes they’ve had on all week with their hair all greasy and a mess. As I stare in amazement I wonder, “Why the fuck do I have to sit quietly and tolerate this?” Why indeed. It’s not like I work in a minimum wage factory where fat women have to eat cat food to maintain their luscious physiques, these are sixty to seventy thousand a year house wives with husbands dragging home even more! I suppose the real question here is who are these pathetic husbands who are willing to endure the embarrassment of having their wives present themselves in such a disgusting manner? But that’s not my point here. I am asking why I can’t just go up to them and say, “Look you filthy disgusting slob, you stink like a pier, you look like you got hit by a truck on your way in and I’m fucken tired of having to adjust my appetite every damn day because you have no idea how absolutely revolting you are to be around. Other women, women who wash are appalled to end up in the ladies room after you have left for fear the next arrival will think that horrible putrid stench came from their poonies!” It lingers for sometimes hours depending on if it’s Monday or Friday! And we’re talking undergarments here too. One of these broads actually wore a leopard print blouse under a stinky filthy hooded sweat shirt for a week and a half. She even came to work after two days off as if she just spent them in the parking lot and rolled back in wearing the same dingier leopard print blouse under a different stinky filthy sweat shirt! These broads are so fat they can barely walk. Their clothes are so tight they look to be ready to burst at any moment. How can they possibly get a quality ass wipe with the short arms and half a mile of ass to reach around? I figure they would need some sort of rail wrapped with toilet paper to straddle and gyrate on to get things shined up down there after a dump. But then, these are not women who seem all that concerned with any type of quality cleaning of any part of their repulsive bodies. You won’t hear anything like this all too often from me, but these broads make the niggers here look sparkling clean! At least with a nigger you expect them to be a little foul once in a while. This filth is just plain unacceptable and I should be able to say something out loud about it without being threatened with discipline. Why should I at this point be concerned with their feelings? I would welcome anyone to comment on my behavior if it happened to be making everyone around me sick and disgusted! But how can you NOT know you stink like a dead animal especially since no one knows better than YOU the last time you washed anything? How can a half-wiped shit covered ass NOT invoke uncontrolled gag reflexes in the lunch room? Don’t you wish you worked where I work?!

Bushmen Gangstas

March 15, 2006 § 4 Comments

Get ready…this one is all over the place so follow along…
The nigger use of the word Gangster (modified into their speech patterns as "Gangsta") is a bit confusing to some of us whitey. When I hear the word, I instantly think Organized Crime or Mafioso. Nothing could be more ridiculous than to refer to nigger crime as organized. And to assign the label of "gangster" (gangsta) to a nigger is the utmost insult to even the most vile of mafia hit men. Actually, the word gangsta is merely referring to a member of a gang. I know and understand gangs of this nature aren't limited to just niggers. There are plenty of hispanic spic wetbacks and Eminem type wigger boys running in these circles too. For the sake of my subject matter here on this particular forum, we will give these other minorities a free pass on this one. Perhaps I will branch out and cover them if I ever run out of nigger material to rant about (fat chance), but for now I'm talking strictly niggers. What also bothers me about all of this is referring to these packs of wild violent niggers as gangs. In the Mother Land, or the Old Country as some immigrants often refer to when speaking of their heritage, packs of wild niggers are called Tribes. The tribe members are called Bushmen. Or something like that, who really cares. Anyway, these "gangstas" or as I will from here on out refer to as Bushmen are using high powered firearms; another departure from their roots, which their leaders seem so preoccupied with maintaining. Bushmen used blow darts and bows and arrows, not 9mm handguns. I remember when the word knifing was synonymous with the word nigger. When did we allow them to upgrade to firearms? How did these tribes evolve from complacent little cotton pickers to murderous predators? One very good thing society has in place to protect us from these Bushmen niggers is the revocation of voting privileges for felons. Since a majority of the nigger species can be considered Bushmen and undoubtedly have at least one felony conviction on their record, we don't have to worry about them successfully appointing to political office too many niggers to destroy the justice system. Their nigger loving bleeding hearts and their silly NAACP and ACLU will attempt to do it for them, but at least they have very little voice. Not that they would take advantage of their right to vote anyway. That would require rolling out of bed before 9 o'clock at night!

And furthermore…

March 15, 2006 § 2 Comments

Filthy niggers with their irresponsible spending of our hard earned tax dollars attract these troubled manufacturers/companies to direct their marketing toward them. They don't care who ultimately ends up paying the delinquent notes, long as they get their rent by Friday. Can't even go to McDonalds without being reminded of their new nigger inspired slogan, "I'm lovin' it!" Fucken Zulus dancing around eating Big Macs and banging drums. The up side is they make it easier to avoid eating the shit they call food and maybe, just maybe it will slowly render the species extinct.

2007 Chevy Tahoe: Niggers?

March 15, 2006 § 4 Comments

Ok, come on General Motors, what is the message in your advertising? I see a TV ad for the “New redesigned Chevrolet Tahoe SUV” and it’s crawling with niggers. Niggers driving it; niggers running to it; niggers opening the remote power lift-gate. Should it touch our hearts that General Motors is showing such diversity in its advertising? Are we to dismiss the absurdity of the notion that niggers would own such a vehicle other than on a delinquent lease with oversized identity-stolen-credit-card-purchased wheels? I know in my case I feel justified my public assistance tax dollars are being used to lease American vehicles…at least. I was already elated I was helping pay for their cigarettes and malt liquor, but now….I just couldn’t be happier. If only the advertising executives could come up with even more disturbing unrealistic bullshit; perhaps nigger geophysicists saving the world from natural disasters. I can’t stand it!

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