We Aren’t Supposed to Notice…

January 5, 2006 § 3 Comments

That there are niggers in just about every television program and commercial they shove up our asses. We aren't supposed to question a nigger sitting at a Thanksgiving dinner table with a white family, as if it's normal to have a place setting for our pets. We are supposed to welcome more niggers selling products we might actually have to use. React normally to niggers living in beautiful meticulously clean mansions as if they don't actually turn everything they touch into ghettos. What could possibly be more ridiculous than a nigger trying to sell me cleaning products?! Everywhere we turn they are shoving niggers up our asses. And nobody even notices how unrealistic and unacceptable it is. Might as well have a goat in your dining room eating with you as have a nigger at your table. Might as well have a horse showing you how to use a ziplock bag as a nigger. When will this fucken world realize most of us don't want to look at niggers pretending to be human, living in our world as humans and advertising products to us as if they are human? How long can this bullshit be allowed to continue? They're fucken APES. APES. When will they get it?

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