Fucken Niggers

November 27, 2005 § 1 Comment

In case you didn't notice…this is a vent for my intolerance of niggers. I'm sick and tired of pretending they are human…

What it’s all about

November 27, 2005 § 1 Comment

Ok…I decided it was time to have an outlet for my disgust over the blanket acceptance of niggers in our society today. We're not allowed to acknowledge that as a minority, they represent a majority of prison populations throughout the country. They want to sue the Florida school systems because they can't pass the same tests white children are passing. They say it's because they are being discriminated against and given a lower quality of teaching than white children! But they're all in the same classes. Yet we entertain their claims as if stupid niggers even really care about education anyway. All they care about is how they can take what ever they feel they deserve, like your television or your shoes. They develop their skills in check collecting and how to get that welfare check at 7 in the morning instead of having to wait for the mail man to bring it. They lease expensive cars and steal gold chains as they are working daily selling drugs on the city streets near all the elementary schools. They aspire to be like their daddys with beautiful one bedroom apartments with a full stainless steel self contained bathroom inches from their cots. 25 to Life in a gated community with unparalled security and gormet meals 3 times a day! Don't get no bettah dan dat know what I'm sayin'?

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