I’ve been working all my life.

October 11, 2010 § 4 Comments


Jatavious could never figure out why he left his burger flipping job for a room at the state penitentiary.


In my years of public school education, I was blessed with never having had to share anything with any niggers.  I only knew them from what I saw on TV and what my father had taught me.  On TV I saw uncontrolled apes jumping around like zoo animals on Soul Train.  I watched the commercials aimed at niggers during that show (primarily “hair care” products designed to make wire appear more like human hair) and learned the differences.  I established early in my development that niggers were nothing like me or the humans I had grown up with.  They were very different.  But even then I had a human instinct to have empathy for things I did not understand.  Like niggers.  I always judged niggers as I judged humans in close personal interactions after I left the serenity of a nigger free existence.  I knew the world viewed them as humans and they were hoisted upon us with great expectations.

In the military, I was introduced to real live niggers in all their glory.  I was forced to work with them and eventually supervise them.  All of my life perceptions were proven to me point by point, but I continued to play the game.  I treated them equally and most of the time, I got no real trouble back from them in any working environments.  This is where the point of this post will make its statement.  Working for me were several niggers.  David, Mark, Thomas, James…niggers with names that left you no clues as to what they were.  No D’Andre, or Jamal, or Amcher, or any other such name usually uniquely associated with the typical street chimp.  All the niggers I ever encountered in my entire working life had names that didn’t readily identify them as niggers.  My whole career, all the niggers I have ever had to deal with professionally (niggers who actually worked for a living) had names like Dave or Jimmy.  Never ever did I know any D’ Wayne or Jevonte or Moesha or any other nigger name you primarily see as those described in newspaper reports of rapes robberies or other felonious activity the police deal with.  One has to wonder the connection between the naming of niggers as to the paths they eventually follow as they progress in time.  Niggers will always be niggers regardless of what they are named, but the level of niggerness and the propensity of them to enter a life of crime appears to follow a pattern.  The Daves and Jimmys I’ve worked with always disappointed and performed as would be expected of any nigger, but these were not the criminal niggers who always ultimately end up in prison.  Tavarious and DeChaun always seem to be the “suspects”.  Sure there are exceptions to every rule but in general, who has worked along side a nigger named Deiondre for any length of time?  How many professionals named Deshawn have we ever heard running any companies?  Take notice as you go and see the paths these niggers find in relation to their given names.  I really think I am onto something here!

On The Heels Of A Post About Nigger Comments I Get This One Here!

October 4, 2010 § 10 Comments

I just got this example of the literary genius of the typical nigger internet user. It takes offense to the comparison of niggers to apes and the conclusion that nigger babies look like little monkeys.  I think.  I couldn’t really read it well enough to get the point.  One might think if one was trying to make a positive point about oneself, they would at least try to type a coherent statement at least at a first grade level.  Read for yourselves.  This is classic stuff!

. thiss shitt is very uncalledd forr.it makess thiss worldd wantt to be seqartedd(not like it already isntt),1st off dontt you ever comparee african americanss to monkeyss or apess becausee that fukinqq shitt makess whitee peoplee look bhadd.itss not funny norr cutee,who ever wrotee thiss shouldd be ashamedd ofthem fukinqq selffss,(real talk),2ndd of all dontt say thatt african americanns babyss look likee monkeys becausee we havee alot of cutee babyss.(cantt say thaa samee for yall)i dont know what thiss worldd hass come to.3rdd of all dontt even tryy arquinqq withh mee becasee im (im mexicann.indian,whitee,and black),and i stiill findd thiss shitt veryy disturbinqq.qett a fukinqq lifee.!!

Copied and pasted from the original comment.  Unreal.

Just Look At This

September 27, 2010 § 10 Comments

Niggers be knocking on my window here at Fed Up looking to get in…I just read a rash of nigger comments I refuse to even acknowledge by allowing them a voice to speak here.  One called me ignorant a number of times.  Then it went on to tell me it was white, followed by another angry cap lock comment calling me a cracker.  Same white nigger brain genius. As it struggles to type the right “you’re” and fails by using “your” it tells me I must have no education.  My writing is indicative of a lack of proper schooling an’ shit.  These niggers are really funny.  Then Keisha, another nigger female wondered why my real name wasn’t posted here anywhere.  Keisha wants my name.  She implies I am a coward because I am not giving niggers a map to my house to do to me what they do best…rape, steal , kill, and destroy everything in their path.  They call me ignorant yet fail to understand their own fucking instinct.  They are why this blog has endured over five years of scrutiny.  Because niggers are just that…niggers.  I don’t listen to their silliness anymore about painting them all with the same broad brush.  The self proclaimed magic niggers all eventually prove to be no better than this ape pictured here.  Look at it.  Can’t figure out how to fucking wear a pair of pants.  This is what is calling ME ignorant.  This is what wants me to hand over my name.  This is what is turning our country into a fucking zoo exhibit.  Fuck off niggers.  All of you.  Every single one of you.  Go find a place where your fucking inability to decipher the difference between there, their, and they’re is acceptable.  Go.  Trying to get your grunts and ooking posted here is futile unless it is so over the top I need to illustrate further what I am talking about.  The internet has formed stupid places where you all fit right in with your butchered language and violent sexually depraved lackluster creativity.  Go away and leave me and the rest of fucking humanity alone.  None of us want you around anymore.  Some people actually thought there was some hope for you, but as soon as they mistakenly put what they thought was an educated nigger in the White House, the reality of what you all are came screaming through.  Niggers.  You will never be anything more than that.  So instead of continually trying to convince me I am wrong by proving me right with your lame attempts to comment here, just fuck off.  Go.  You don’t like me and I don’t like you.  No need to continue this relationship you insist on promoting.  Go away niggers.  I mean it.  Just go.

My kid, a Bully?

September 24, 2010 § 11 Comments

A while ago, I received a call from the Vice Principal at my daughter’s school telling me that my kid’s been bullying one of her classmates. This came as a shock to me, because up to this point all I’d ever heard about my child is she’s well behaved and pleasant to be around in school. We’d never heard of any sort of bullying or other troubles of that kind.

It became perfectly clear as the conversation continued what was going on. The vice principal said, “Last night at practice, your daughter  made a comment to one of her teammates which made her very upset and feel bad about herself. They were trying on pinneys and your daughter said “you will need a bigger pinney”. Now we are trying to determine whether there has been a pattern of bullying here”.

I sat there waiting for some further comment that would illuminate exactly what the fuck he’s calling me about . Sounded to me like my kid made a matter of fact comment about the need for a larger pinney. I asked the VP, ” Who accused my child of being a bully? I was at practice and heard or saw nothing out of the ordinary.” “It was Keisha”….. KEISHA the nigger . Of course! Keisha’s the reason my 10 year old daughter already can’t stand niggers…THAT Keisha.

I think he was shocked at my reaction which was essentially, ‘And?’ he was expecting me to start apologizing profusely on behalf of my daughter for hurting the feelings of the nigglet, I suppose. All bullying accusations were dropped shortly after as I raised a bit of hell, but it did make me laugh that the only person to ever accuse my daughter of something so serious was the nigger in her class.

One Very Simple Question To All Those Self Righteous Nigger Lovers Out There.

September 19, 2010 § 8 Comments

Name one city, town, neighborhood, apartment complex, or any other habitat populated primarily by niggers that you would strive to save your money so you could move to. Just one.  Anywhere. One place where niggers live.  Not just one fambly of niggers.  Niggers.  Neighborhoods.  All niggers.  Name ONE.  Where you would dream of retiring to, just one, only one.  Come on, there has to be one somewhere right?  You want us to live with them.  You want us to allow them to rent our properties.  You insist we hire them and give them respect and consideration blindly.  So they must be some kind of super race that everyone would kill to live among right?  So name me one place where niggers dwell that you would love to move to.  Just one.  Didn’t think so.  Now shut the fuck up and quit telling me I’m wrong…

Very Scary Threatening Internet Niggers, oh my.

September 13, 2010 § 16 Comments

As an admin over at Chimpout, I receive some pretty scary frightening emails from angry niggers who we ban or otherwise dispose of when they try to outsmart us and join.  The one today was a classic and I thought I would share it with everyone here because well, it just scared me so much I am typing this from under my bed.

Let me post the four separate emails this evil scary nigger composed as his tiny little brain processed the fact that he was tossed off of our servers in a rather efficient manner:

The following message was sent to you via the Chimpout Contact Us form by Ignorantwhitearyanracistk .

I just want to say that I have absolutely no interest in the ignrant racist garbage, propigated by this website. I did however want to put you on notice this I found a story about my son on this website, how you bastards got it, I don’t know. I have made coppies of what I saw on the website, and I have given them to my attorney, for further review…..we’ll see how you motherfuckers like when you write me a fat lawsuit check. Fuck you, you ignorant, shit brain ass racist crackers….your mouth got you in trouble this time……..

He went on to say:

I’m a black man by the way…..LMAO. This Nigger is smarter than you think….you’ve just been  hacked…dumb ass bitch!!!

He then gathered his “thoughts” and sent this third email…

lol…..don’t get scared now motherfucker…..I have all the fucking evidence I need, so sue the shit out of your ass, soon I wont be just a nigger, I’ll be a rich nigger, dumb ass, ignorant shit brains motherfucker. If you did your history bitch, you’d know the true definition of the word nigger means stupid and ignorant….I think we both know you fit that definition to a tee. Your mouth, and that bullshit ass website got you in trouble. You racist bastards are going to pay for what was was posted about my son, why? BECAUSE i KNOW SOMETHING, YOU DON’T KNOW….jokes on you BITCH!!! LOL.  I don’t give a shit about you banning me from your site, as I baited you motherfuckers, and you stupid ass motherfuckers fell for my trap….thanks for the info. DUMB ASS!!!! LOL.

But wait, there’s MORE!

Looks like this nigger is smarter than you think dumb ass…lol. Your talkin to a cop by the way, and we’re onto you. I’m going to sue your ass, and throw you in fucking jail when I catch you.

So let’s review.   First it tells us of it’s discontent that Chimpout mysteriously found an article that was published in a real life newspaper.  How we found it this nigger has no idea.  Then it goes on to tell us it has an attorney.  OK…I peed myself with that one.  But holy crap man, it’s gonna SUE us!   SUE us for reading and reposting an article about his criminal fambly!  I never even knew they could do that!  I’m really sweating profusely now.  There goes my retirement.  My nigger insurance company will drop me for sure.  There I go again…more pissing in my pants.

But again, the nigger has another brainstorm.  It tells us now that we have been HACKED!   OMFG!   Hacked! Yikes Batman…we been hacked so bad I can barely even breathe!  What the hell do we do now?  Hacked!! OUCH!  I’m moving under the bed .  We been Hacked!

If that’s not bad enough, in comes the third email.  And it’s a big one.  The misspellings and typos indicate we have a very angry gorilla on our hands now.  I envision that poor Samsonite suit case with me stuffed inside of it!   Holy shit.  He gonna SUE us out of all our moneys, teach us the real meaning of the word nigger, and tell us how smart he is!  He know something we don’t know!   Oh Jesus Lord Almighty we fucked now!  He even baited us and lawdy be, we done fell for it!  I think I pinched off a tiny loaf in my drawers over that!  I’m terrified now, just terrified! He had me already but his brilliance forgot to tell me one more important detail…the clincher.  The 4th email…

Terrance is a cop! That’s right folks, this nigger named Terrance is an officer of the law!  A gun toting badge wearing expert professional of the po leese gonna come arrest my ass for reading a newspaper article about how his son was brutalized by another nigger fambly member!  Imagine that?!  There be a LAW against talking about public information wrote about in a dang blasted newspaper!  And Terrance gonna come arrest me, sue me, hack me and lawd only know what else he gonna do to me!   Toss my salad?  Fuck my momma?  SAY IT TO MY FACE??!  Good Christ this nigger is scary!  How am I gonna be able to get out from under my bed to go to work to pay for all the money this nigger’s lawyer gonna sue from me to make his ass rich?!  What if he hack me again?  How my gonna pay him?  Lawdy what the stinking hell can I do now?!

Brave Niggers

August 24, 2010 § 8 Comments

Niggers are actually proud of how blatantly disruptive and subhuman their behavior is. They consider us cowards for sitting here at our computers while they have the courage to rape and pillage human neighborhoods. Niggers and nigger loving liberal brain deficients are proud of the courage of the Black Panthers to stand boldly with clubs like marauding wild animals at polling places! They don’t even have the civilized rational ability to reason! We are cowards for NOT bullying and threatening THEM like animals! This is the basis for nigger logic. Civilized behavior is cowardly to them while violence and aggression is bravery! They have not heard of the sleeping giants. Niggers are too fucking stupid and will walk into a losing battle based on their perception that civility is cowardice. You just can’t rationally explain the workings of the disturbed subhuman nigger mind. Of that I am proud. To understand them is to be them. And we are definitely not them. We are human.  They will never be.

Niggers have a natural instinct of violence and threat.  Folding a bandanna across their faces and swinging bats to them is machismo.  Holding their pistols sideways is intimidating to them as well, so they do it regardless of how it destroys any potential accuracy in the delivery of their nigger justice.  But they have no clue.  They ridicule us for our peaceful tolerance of their zoo exhibit environments.  They call us cowards because we are not murderous wild beasts prowling the streets looking for prey.  And they think they insult us with their brilliant observations!  My position is to encourage them to think we are all pussies sitting here whining to each other about their inherent savagery.  I want the big shot niggers with their 9s held sideways to attempt to prove their manhood to us.  Niggers are just too stupid to realize that with every word; with every action; they prove exactly how subhuman and dangerous they truly are.  Keep it up.  Our numbers are growing stronger, niggers!  People who once considered you equals are now seeing the truth!  The days of the nigger are numbered.

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  • Try To Make Us Look Somewhat Intelligent

    Often times I find other blogs or web sites that try really hard to present the same type of material I have here but tend to get carried away. Without trying to sound like the foremost authority on nigger bashing technology, I have been at this for over five years. Throughout my years I have met with a number of readers who have tried to argue with me unsuccessfully. I've had niggers struggle to put sentences together while seething with rage. And I have had liberal nigger lovers who have actually guided me on what not to do. Since my focus here is pretty much centered on niggers and stupidity, I tend to shy away from other political hot topics the WNs and other Stormfront people try to bring in. It isn't because I am an IP gathering J00 conspirator but rather, I am strict with my policies. I would happily approve comments from people who could stay centered but I've come to recognize the potential trouble makers and reluctantly have to keep them out. Unfortunately and not to compare them to niggers, I have learned that to keep the place clear of feces throwing, I have to turn folks away. My point here now though isn't those guys.
    I am concerned with the image we are presenting when we try to make our points by using our own forms of ebonic nigger babble. To me, it takes away the seriousness of our message. Having to struggle to comprehend a post that is intended to bash niggers is like trying to understand a babbling nigger. Something I think we can all agree is not what we are here for. I find it tedious and self defeating, but it hands over to our enemies an argument we don't need to be wasting our time answering. One very important thing I have learned from liberal asswipes is that when we give them an iota of ammunition, they will find the most efficient ways to use it. If you are making a blog or a web site to express your views on the nigger scourge, make it intelligent and readable. Writing it in nigger babble might seem like useful humor to you, but it is impossible to follow for any length of time. A few words to make a point is one thing, but half of your post is annoying. If we could all stop making the rest of us look stupid, perhaps we could gather more support for the truth we are trying to distribute to the uninformed and naive. Quit with the nigger babble. You're human.

  • How can there be so much hate just because of skin color?

    Because it's got nothing to do with skin color, dumb ass. If it did, there would be post after post about Indians, and Middle Easterners and other dark skinned humans. The problems with niggers is behavioral, as has been stated time and again on this blog. As usual, the wiggers can't get past the first one or two posts before they have to save the world from the likes of harmless old me. With youth comes this misconception. And with stupidity and simple mindedness come the wigger followers of other brain damaged drug abusing punk trash. People unable to realize they are being manipulated by some fat ass with a self serving agenda. They come and profess to share the same ideas with their fat fuck cult hero but only show they have no capacity to have an original thought of their own. And they spit up ridiculous personal stories of how some colored guy saved their mommies therefore my entire premise, based on years and years of personal hardship at the hands of niggers must be wrong. Idiots. One has even defined "nigger" for me...as if it fucking matters! Call a black man with a gat a "nigger" and then explain you are talking about historical definitions that relate to poor dumb ass white people back before blacks were harvested by their own people and sold into slavery here. I'm sure he wouldn't rape your pink little ass and put a bullet through your head. Tell him you love him...then close your eyes! What a ridiculous juvenile attempt to turn a word around on me! I had to even let the comment post so my readers could see the level of "fucking stupid" this douche bag has following his orders! So if I call this bitch a "fuck face" and she says, "Hey...nobody ever fucked my face!" Does that lessen the impact of me calling her a fuck face? Dumb people never cease to disappoint me. And the fact that these are not niggers is even more disturbing. I never thought I'd see the day when I actually compliment niggers for behaving normally! Seeing the human race behave like this speaks volumes for the disastrous times we have ahead. I am glad I won't live to see it, as I am sure they are too! Buried in all their love for the defenseless chimps is a seething hatred for me. For having a differing opinion that in no way could ever possibly effect their worthless lives! They spew far more venomous hate than I could ever muster against niggers! Yet they soak in their self righteousness as if they will ever amount to anything but puppets for scum bags like their heavenly Fat Fuck. I have reached a threshold where I am now more confused as to who or what I hate more. No...check that. I never mean to say I hate niggers. I despise what their presence in the US has done to the country. I hate what they've done to cities like Detroit and Chicago. But I don't hate them...because they are only doing what comes natural to them. I do however hate these people who should know better and be able to use reasonable judgment when seeing what stares them in the face every day. I hate stupid people insisting my differing opinions means that I am the stupid one. And again, I don't consider them stupid for having differing opinions than me; I consider them stupid because they are incapable of thinking for themselves and they refuse to just go on about their business and accept we disagree! That is stupid. They are stupid because after reading my blog, deciding I am no fucking good and should die a painful death for my views, they return to read THIS! Yes wigger...if you are reading this after having already seen this blog before...YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO LIVE. And if you can pull some logical response out of your stitched tight ass, I'd love to see it...but that's ridiculous. You fuckers are TOO STUPID to even be able to digest all that I have said. The simple logic is vastly above your hollow useless little heads. Consider going to a rap web site or some interracial dating site...I'm sick of having to explain to you why you all suck so badly!
  • Civilian National Security Force.

    apes Is this what our new nigger president means? Or is it this? bloods-copy1 Either way it spells disaster to all non niggers, have no doubt about it. Nigger violence will become more common place than ever now. We will be constantly under arrogant nigger attack and self defense will be a hate crime. Thanks comrades. We should get used to calling one another that now shouldn't we? Comrade?
  • Apology

    I must apologize for my lack of attention to old posts that have had their images stolen by past TOS violation removals. You probably notice when clicking on these obscure links it brings you to an old defunct incarnation of Fed Up from the past. I will endeavor to replace them all at some point, hopefully before the next deletion. The leftist commies are always hard at work trying to censor their enemies and prevent the redistribution of truth. If I go, I will return. Removing me only proves my points and accomplishes merely another bump in the road for me. I keep coming back.

  • The Stop Patrotism Lie Creators

    Look at this cover. Look at how liberalism has taken to calling patriots domestic terrorists in their entry level Photoshop artwork. Waving the American flag is "hate". Defending our borders from illegal fence jumping criminals is terrorism. Unless it is a Republican administration, defying the government is extremism. What a disgraceful display of hatred coming from a group that likes to tell us all how hateful we are. Can they not see how silly they look? Are they so oblivious to reality that they don't know that we know they are grasping at straws? After all these years of wearing the real masks of hatred, could this finally be their drowning? We can only hope. When the American people are painted as the enemy, how much lower can a group of liars like this go? This magazine cover speaks volumes to their out of touch mentality. God I hope they just vaporize and disappear. They serve no purpose anyway.
  • Jap Car Pedals…

  • Worse than 9/11

    I respect the loss of life on that horrible day. I remember the feeling in my gut when I sat watching the day unfold. I feel sicker than that today. I feel more helpless than I did then because the betrayal isn't from a bunch of fundamental extremist muslims...it's my own people. Our own people. people I served in the military to protect. People I serve everyday in my worthless insignificant civil service job. I feel more betrayed than when I opened my ex wife's email account and found a hundred sexually explicit letters to her boyfriend. Even that was something that could be overcome. Today I feel like there is no place to go but further down. We have a fucking nigger president. We have a filthy street nigger sow as first lady! Good GOD man...what have we done? WHAT the FUCK have we DONE?
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